Grunge inspired

a4-aa9-aa-aa3-aa7-aa5-aa6-aa2-aI have a very mixed feelings about so call mum jeans. On one side I think they are super cute and comfy but on the other side they are so hard to style! They don't flatter your body in any way and I can wear these jeans only with a tight crop top. If anyone has any good tips on how to style this type of jeans I would be happy if you could share them with me :)! But nevertheless I'm still quite happy with how this outfit turned out. I love how grunge it looks, I've felt so cool when I had it on. Do you know the feeling, when an outfit dictates how much confidence you have? And speaking of confidence how photogenic is my new haircut! I absolutely love it, I was getting bored of my long hair and if you've been following me two weeks ago you may have seen THIS post in which I posted who inspired me for this haircut. I can't wait to hear what you think about my new look!

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