Keeping it casual

1,1118,883,3310,10105,559,992,2211,11117,776,66    Tshirt: H&M, Boyfriend jeans: Hollister, Backpack: ZARA, Sneakers: Superga So it turns out I've been using Wordpress all wrong. I had been accidentally uploading photographs of gigantic sizes to the blog apparently instead of compressing them first. And as a payback for my ignorance I of course run out of free space in less than a year. Honestly it didn't even cross my mind that this could've happened. So I've been searching all day for a decent resizer, found GIMP and resized all photographs for this post. Next on the list are photographs from previous posts. This will be fun! :( If anyone knows a fast software for resizing large photographs while keeping the quality of the image, please please let me know in the comments. GIMP does a decent job, but I think it doesn't keep 100% of the quality of an original image. Or am I doing something wrong? Anyways, hope you like these photographs, the outfit I'm wearing is one of my favorite casual and simple looks, that still looks cute and chic (at least in my opinion). Have a nice week!

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