burgundy converse

Fash 'n' fudge

a1-aa6-aa10-aa2a5-aa3-aa9-aSo you might have noticed I changed my blog's name today :). I'm super happy with it, I've been brainstorming for at least a month for a new blog name, because I've felt the previous name Lunjasky wasn't perfect for my fashion diary. But oh boy, it's really hard to find somehow unique and interesting name for a fashion blog. All the good names are already taken! So I was almost ecstatic when  Fash 'n' fudge came to me during an hour of swimming class I teach. It is everything I've wanted for a blog name, because it is short, catchy and I think quite original (could be wrong of course, there are so many blogs out there). What do you think about the new name? Do you like it or did you prefer the older one?I also changed my Instagram name, so you can find me at @fashnfudge now. So enough about the name now :). The photographs above were shot with Nikon d5300 and a 50mm 1,8G lens. I love them! The bokeh is perfect with this lens. Much better than the kit lens 18-140mm. But it is still nice to have both lenses, I will use 50mm for outfit photos and portraits and the kit lens for travel and practically everything else. It is super handy! As you can see from my posts I've adopted a more forever off-duty style recently, because why not. I want to be comfortable during the day when I'm running around and there is absolutely no reason comfortable outfits can't be cute and chic. I styled more formal black pants with an over sized baby blue sweater and a pair of converse and I was very happy with how the outfit turned out. I would love to hear what you think!

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