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How I edit my Instagram photos

If the photograph is a bit darker I bump up the exposure and use a smaller amount of HB1 filter (I always use the same one). If the photo is originally very bright I use a lot of filter (12). You can check an example of a brighter photo HERE. Main rule I use with HB1 filter is: darker photo=use less filter, brighter photo=use more filter

If the object is further away in the photo I always use sharpening tool so that the details are more visible. I desaturate the photo a bit, I don't like the orange shades you get if your saturation is high.

I always bump down the temperature to -1, because I like the a blueish tone it adds to the picture and I use tint to pink up the skin a little bit.



When I share my photo to Instagram I usually use only the LUX tool to alter the photo into a final product. I always use the same tools, usually I just change the amount of filter and LUX but the rest of the tools are always the same. That gives you that nice cohesive feed we all wish for :)

Hope you liked this tutorial, let me know in the comments if you'd like to read more tutorials on my blog.

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